Since the team's start in 1993 with only six Players, UF Women's Water Polo has grown to become a very successful program with more than 30 active participants.

Our Team


The University of Florida Women's Water Polo team competes in the Collegiate Water Polo Association's Southeast Conference (CWPA). We have won all but five of the conference championships.

Our A team attends travel tournaments from coast to coast and competes for the CWPA national championship every year. We are consistently successful on a national level and have made more than a dozen appearances at the National Collegiate Club Championships in the last 20 years. We also encourage new players to join and play on the B team, which is less demanding and offers more of a learning experience.

Continue your water polo career by joining the University of Florida Women’s Water Polo team. Long lasting memories will be made, lifelong friendships will be started, and championship runs will be fought for as you enjoy the competition and lessons learned by being part of this sports team.

We encourage anyone who has an interest in playing to reach out to us or come try out a practice at Florida Pool. Check out the contact or recruitment tabs to learn more and get in touch!

Go Gators!


  • 2001 - Nationals 2nd Place Finish

  • 2006 - Nationals 2nd Place Finish

  • 2011 - Nationals 5th Place Finish

  • 2012 - Nationals 3rd Place Finish

  • 2014 - Nationals 8th Place Finish

  • 2016 - Nationals 4th Place Finish

  • 2018 - Nationals 3rd Place Finish

  • 2005 - Jennifer Duran Third Team All-America

  • 2006 - Gina Petrakos First Team All-America

  • 2006 - Cathy Jolly First Team All-America

  • 2006 - Kathryn Autrey Second Team All-America

  • 2006 - Jennifer Duran Second Team All-America

  • 2006 - Lindsay Vaughn Third Team All-America

  • 2007 - Kaycee Hall Third Team All-America

  • 2008 - Gina Petrakos Third Team All-America

  • 2011 - Sarah Wright First Team All-America

  • 2012 - Sarah Wright First Team All-America

  • 2014 - Tina Papadopolous Third Team All-America

  • 2016 - Tina Papadopolous Second Team All-America

  • 2016 - Kaylee Petik Nationals Second Team All-Tournament

  • 2018 - Mary Campbell Nationals First Team All-Tournament

  • 2018 - Stephanie Zwicker Nationals Second Team All-Tournament

  • 2018 - Kelly Martin Nationals Second Team All-Tournament

  • 2018 - Katie Larson Nationals Coach of the Year

  • 2019 - Mary Campbell National Tournament MVP

  • 2019 - Kelly Martin National First Team All-Tournament

  • 2019 - Stephanie Zwicker Nationals Second Team All-Tournament

  • 2019 - Phoebe Iglesias Nationals Second Team All-Tournament

What We Achieved in 2018

  • 20th Southeast Division Regional Championship Title

  • Third place finish at 2018 National Collegiate Club Championships

  • More than 150 hours of community service performed

  • University of Florida “Club of the Year”

  • All-American Academic Top 3 Ranking